Hettiaratchi Lab

Biomaterials for Protein Delivery and Tissue Engineering

Harnessing natural affinity interactions for precise protein delivery

Welcome to the Hettiaratchi Lab

The Hettiaratchi Lab is a new bioengineering research group in the University of Oregon’s Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact.

We are actively recruiting enthusiastic scientists and engineers to join our team!

Our Approach

We combine expertise in chemical and biomedical engineering to design biomaterials to control protein delivery to injured tissues.

Directed Evolution for Protein Delivery

Cell-Instructive Biomaterials for Bone Repair

Predictive Bio-transport Modeling

Featured Publications


January 2021

The Hettiaratchi lab is officially 1 year old! We welcome rotation students Andres Guerrero and Wyatt Parks from the department of chemistry and biochemistry to the lab!

We published our first review paper, led by graduate student Jonathan Dorogin, in the 2021 Emerging Investigators issue of Biomaterials Science.

September 2020

September was a busy month for the Hettiaratchi lab! We welcome graduate student Jonathan Dorogin, rotating graduate student John O’Hara-Smith, and undergraduate student Henry Hochstatter. We also moved into the new Knight Campus building!

July 2020

Congratulations to Ireland Johnson and her mentor Annie Gilbert for winning the Peter O’Day Fellowship in Biological Sciences! Ireland’s project will focus on improving the versatility of demineralized bone matrix as a treatment for bone injury.

June 2020

The Hettiaratchi Lab receives a grant from the Collins Medical Trust to develop a biomaterial strategy to improve protein delivery to large bone fractures.

March 2020

We welcome rotation student, Dillon Willis, from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and undergraduates, Branden Henry, Hons Rajabzadeh, and Ireland Johnson to the lab!

January 2020

The lab officially opens its doors!

The Hettiaratchi Lab receives a UO-OHSU Collaborative Seed Grant to develop vascularized and innervated bone grafts with Dr. Luiz Bertassoni. We’re looking forward to starting this collaboration!

Our new paper on heparin-based biomaterials for protein delivery to repair large bone defects in rats is out in Science Advances. Check out the story in Around the O!